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stmcauley.gif (15288 bytes)I write fairly frequently for New Matilda.

Below are PDF versions of my articles publidhed by New Matilda. They include graphs and other diagrams, but not hyperlinks.

To find the articles in New Matilda go to their website and write "mcauley" in the search box.  There you will find hyperlinks and comments.



Morrison’s Tax Cuts Explained: Australians vs Australians 23 May 2018
Budget 2018: Panicked and Providing Privileges 10 May 2018
Labor’s Plan To Restore ‘Equity’ in Our Tax System a Bit Rich… 6 April 2018
Joining The Mob: Australia’s Butt Kissing on Trump’s Trade Tariffs 13 March 2018
Cormann’s Tax Cut Con & the Media (Censoring) and Misreporting it 3 March 2018
Donald Trump: Making America Great or Keeping America Poor? 21 February 2018
Scott Morrison’s ‘Job Creation’ Fantasy is Just That… Fantasy 11 February 2018
Common sense 101: simple solutions to housing affordability 16 September 2017
Optimistic borrowers: how we got into s housing bubble (Part 2) 8 September 2017
The bloody banks: how we got into a housing bubble (Part 1) 30 August 2017
Scott Morrison doesn’t understand capitalism 19 August 2017
Nothing to fear but fear itself… and maybe a little fear-mongering 19 July 2017
A bad party in good times is masking the coming economic hangover 7 July 2017
The Finkel Report: back to the future and the 1960s 18 June 2017
A reality you can’t dig yourself out of – Adani’s coal mine is a dud 21 April 2017
Company tax cuts to prop up Australia’s  $1 trillion foreign debt 29 March 2017
A social wage: The Greens have worked it out, so why hasn’t Labor? 19 March 2017
The immigrants did it: Abbott’s scapegoats for our housing problems 8 March 2017
SAs electricity: Weatherill should follow the Coalition’s example 22 February 2017
Trumponomics: A sugar hit for an economy in crisis 7 February 2017
Malcolm is not so in the middle when it comes to the TPP 22 January 2017
MYEFO: Here lies Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘Jobs and growth’ mantra 21 December 2016
The Great Wall of Malcolm: Another chink in democracy’s armour 18 December 2016
No dollars, no sense: A government beholden to ‘economic morons’ 12 December 2016
Opportunity knocks: The economics of a Trump victory 16 November 2016
Mein Drumpf: Hitler, Donald Trump and a warning for the left 10 November 2016
Government incompetence -- a smokescreen for bad economic news 20 October 2016
Labor, the Greens and maybe even the Sex Party control Canberra 18 October 2016
Power games: The real reason South Australia blacked out 29 September 2016
The case for a Royal Commission on banks and insurance companies 20 September 2016
Scott Morrison's economic gobbledegook 30 August 2016
A nation divided: Globalisation and those it leaves behind 17 August 2016
Australia's economy drifts towards disaster with no one at the wheel 4 August 2016
Destroy Labor, let them form government: advice tp Malcolm 10 July 2016
Hung Parliament: Too much party testosterone drives the Opposition 3 July 2016
Pork barrelling is worse than the waste 30 June 2016
Turnbull calls for 'stability', but his ideology is the cause of Brexit 27 June 2016
Bill Shorten is right: Malcolm Turnbull is a major threat to Medicare 21 June 2016
Deficit promises are good for a laugh, but little else 13 June 2016
The bubble will burst: Incomes down, debt growing, we're in recession 6 June 2016
Seven economic problems bigger than budget 'black holes' 27 May 2016
Foreign investors are the real winners in Turnbull's new economy 17 May 2016
A frank admission buried deep in the budget 6 May 2016
Turnbull's boomer budget is an intergenerational disgrace 4 May 2016
Wanting a fair society has nothing to do with 'envy' 28 April 2016
Budget 2016: Why debt is not a dirty word 25 April 2016
State tax competition s can only hurt the poorest 4 April 2016
The other reason Turnbull might want a double dissolution 24 March 2016
Corporate tax cuts would help the Coalition's mates and few else 22 March 2016
An old case for new fuel tax reform 15 March 2016
How super works works for the wealthy 4 March 2016
Bursting bubbles: The myth of housing as a safe haven 24 February 2016
What Labor's negative gearing plan is missing 17 February 2016
The premiers' dilemma 15 February 2016
Two major parties, four views on tax, and one big revenue problem 2 February 2016
Housing prices: Ther rich are getting richer, and the poor? 1 February 2016
Australia in 2015: Third world government, first world living standard 17 December 2015
Australian government revenue slides 16 December 2015
Despite Morrisson's rhetoric, the economiy is still shackled 4 December 2015
The truth about our taxes: Some are good, some are bad 8 November 2015
Labor's attack on Turnbuull's wealth should have focussed on fairness 21 October 2015
Debt-shy Labor lacking courage on public infrastructure 9 October 2015
Turnbull's mini ecoonomic summit: a chance finally to think big 29 September 2015
Sick of trench warfare: Turnbull's chance for meaningful debate 22 September 2015
It's the ideology, stupid, and the economy 15 September 2016
There's no tradeoff between the economy and the environment 31 August 2015
How a higher corporate tax rate can keep money in Australia 27 August 2015
Buying Hockey's myths would damage the economy 25 August 2015
The politicians' rorts the public don't see 6 August 2015
Rewarding the financial industry abd underming green energy 5 August 2015
From boomer to bust 22 June 2015
It's about the bubble, stupid: Abbott's magical housing stimulus 14 June 2015
A budget built on sand 13 May 2015
The three goals Hockey's budget must strive for 6 May 2015
By pushing mining Abbott trashes the environment and economy 17 April 2015
Joe Hockey's tax paper: a lesson in avoiding hard issues 31 March 2015
Inside the maze of electricity privatisation; the pros and cons 22 March 2015
2055: Free money for all abd every Labor Party member in jail 6 March 2015
Trusting Treasury: when to say yes, when to say no 2 March 2015
Someone please tell Hockey there's more than one way 12 February 2015
The case for an increase to the GST, with caveats 16 January 2015
Tony Abbott's GP co-payment: A major headaache 15 December 2014
Dealing ourselves out of the economic debate 8 December 2014
ABC bias argument distracts from the real debate 30 November 2014
A year of Tony: Credit where credit is due 7 September 2014
The Great Australian Ponzi Scheme, AKA "Our Economy" 25 August 2014
ICAC exposes Australia's lazy rent-seeker economy 13 August 2014
Your superannuation is Abbott's next battleground 16 July 2014
It's about the economics, stupid 11 June 2014
The budget measure that Labor should back 2 June 2014
The real debt problem 26 May 2014
How to end the deficit without screwing the poor 19 May 2014
Public ideas will live on 9 May 2014
The dangers of crony capitalism 5 May 2014
Abbott breaks a basic rule of diplomacy 14 April 2014
Six impossible things about privatisation 3 April 2014
Sinodinos still living in the age of entitlement 24 March 2014
Why reform is beyond the Government's grasp 17 March 2014
Why airlines are caught in an arms race 3 March 2014
Three ways to fund a health system 24 February 2014
We're open for business, if you're connected 18 February 2014
Millions of dollars, dollars for free 10 February 2014
One firm's subsidy is another's burden 3 February 2014
Hockey will learn economics the hard way 23 January 2014
A holiday rort, courtesy of the Coalition 13 January 2014
You can't run a nation on tricks and groupthink 18 December 2013
Gutless Canberra protects its pokies payouts 12 December 2013
Public institutions aren't meant to be like this 9 December 2013
Pyne's education figures don't add up (Supporting Excel file) 4 December 2013
The Coalition needs a dose of reality on business 2 December 2013
Abbott still doesn't understand the Internet 30 November 2013
Is Hockey taking his cues from Ronald Reagan? 18 November 2013
Will Abbott back down on Direct Action? 28 October 2013
Who will pay for their free education? 21 October 2013
(With Chris Stone) Are we really a nation of pen-pushers? 15 October 2013
Why politicians can't communicate 8 October 2013
Happy Market Freedom Day? 24 September 2013
Are we really up for another housing boom? 23 September 2013
Your verdict on Labor's decline 16 September 2013
Why does Labor's vote keep falling? (Supporting Excel file) 10 September 2013
Abbott's Easy Ride to Polling Day 4 September 2013
The Science of Pork Barrelling 2 September 2013
Abbott will get a Taste of his own Direct Action 26 August 2013
Why Labor Really Worries about Coalition Cuts 20 August 2013
Are we Really Doing it that Tough? 16 August 2013
The Interest Rates Storm in a Teacup 12 August 2013
The big Tax and Spend Lies 8 August 2013
Black Hole? What Budget Black Hole? 5 August 2013
Good Riddabce to Bad Tax Rorts 23 July 2013
Only an Idiot would Scrap the Carbon Tax 18 July 2013
Why the Pink Batts Scheme Failed 8 July 2013
Why the left should back a GST rise 28 June 2013
The Three Lies Labor Should Attack  12 June 2013
Big Business Loves Dead End Jobs 5 June 2013
Don't Cry For The Production Lines  27 May 2013
What Is Abbott Really Up To?  20 May 2013
Levies Are The Taxes We Like  6 May 2013
Debt And Its Discontents  3 May 2013
Privatised Health Means Public Illness 29 April 2013
Do The Rich Need Super Support?  2 April 2013
The Speech Gillard Should Have Given  6 March 2013
The Coalition's Hypocrite Economics 18 February 2013
No Country For Young Voters 11 February 2013
Abbott's Figures Don't Add Up  4 February 2013
The Future Of Manufacturing 29 January 2013
The Real Hole In Labor's Economic Policy  14 January 2013
A Plea For Smarter Debate In 2013  17 December 2012
The Economic Policy Abbott Can't Grasp 3 December 2012
When The Poor Vote Conservative 21 November 2012
Do We Have Inflation Licked?  7 November 2012
A Surplus? That's The Least Of Our Worries  23 October 2012
The Cost of Privatisation 22 October 2012
Why Are We Living Beyond Our Means?  8 October 2012
The Sacred Status Of Private Health 24 September 2012
We Have A Tax Problem, Not A Debt Problem 10 September 2012
Abbott Out Of His Depth On Mining 27 August 2012
PM's Taskforce Gives Manufacturing The Thumbs Up  20 August 2012
Can We Be Any More Productive? 6 August 2012
How To Build Roads And Rails  18 July 2012
Abbott's Politburo Propaganda  9 July 2012
What's Wrong With Asking What's In It For Me? 18 June 2012
The Loneliest Man In The World 8 June 2012
Slicing The GST Pie  21 May 2012
Fuel Is A Staple, Not A Sin 15 May 2012
Abbott's Phoney Class War  11 May 2012
Austerity Breeds Extremism 7 May 2012
Interest Rates Hit Historic Low  2 May 2012
Small Government Feeds Entitlement  23 April 2012
Taxes Higher Under Howard  18 April 2012
Good News For The Other Economy  13 April 2012
Should We Panic About Falling House Prices?  3 April 2012
The Economic Furphies That Sank Bligh  26 Mar 2012
Why Peter Costello Should Get a Hobby  16 Mar 2012
Can this Man Handle the Economy? 9 Mar 2012
A Smarter Way to Police Pokies 2 Mar 2012
Are Private Health Subsidies Worth It? 16 Feb 2012
The Howard Years Were no Golden Age 1 Feb 2012
What Credit Ratings don't Tell Us 17 Jan 2012
The Blight of Isolation  12 Dec 2011
Save Capitalism from Greed  2 Nov 2011
Abbott Does Truck All for Democracy  24 Aug 2011
Let's Stop Rolling the Market Dice 15 Aug 2011
What a Carbon Price Really Means to You  9 Aug 2011
Debt Ceiling Lifted but Something's Gotta Give 2 Aug 2011
A Carbon Tax Won't Blow Household Budgets 31 May 2011
Why Abbott's Budget is Economic Twaddle 16 May 2011
A Mostly Harmless Budget  12 May 2011
The Seven Myths of the NBN 18 Apr 2011
Is Barry a Big Spender? 28 Mar 2011
Let the FJ Holden be a Lesson  4 Mar 2011
What the Insurance Companies don't Tell You 15 Feb 2011
Is a Budget Deficit Really Such Bad News? 1 Feb 2011
That Wasn't a Strategy Failure  30 Nov 2010
When a Monopoly Beats Competition 17 Nov 2010
What the Auditor Couldn't See 25 Oct 2010
Slaves to Surplus 12 May 2010
Is Lifting the Super Levy a Good Idea?  7 May 2010
Did Someone Say Tax Reform? 4 May 2010
Grey Suits and Vague Language 30 Mar 2010
Private Cover is Costing an Arm and a Leg 8 Mar 2010
The Great Tax Cuts Swindle  18 Oct 2007
Getting Real on Interest Rates 9 Aug 2006
Principles, Not Positions 28 Jun 2006
Ideas for a health policy  8 Dec 2004