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Health funding: something else for Turnbull to worry about 12-Jul-16
Five budget myths that refuse to die  26-Apr-16
How the deficit obsession is eroding the budget’s usefulness 21-Apr-16
Australia doesn’t need eight different income tax rates  01-Apr-16
Why bother trying to make private health insurers do what Medicare does?  10-Nov-15
Is Hockey right when he says we are over-reliant on personal income tax? 13-Aug-15
They’re rich, unelected and shaping public policy  11-Aug-15
Busting the myth that Australia has ‘big government’  08-May-15
Harper makes case for competition overhaul: experts react (part) 01-Apr-15
If the government wants price signals, it should stop supporting health insurance 01-Apr-15
FactCheck: has Medicare spending more than doubled in the lastdecade? 11-Mar-15
Abbott’s court is full of flatterers, and it’s a recipe for groupthink 24-Oct-14
Creating a better health system: lessons from Norway and Sweden  02-Oct-14
Rudd humbled, but real lessons of insulation scheme go unlearned 15-May-14
Hockey’s budget message: work longer, not smarter 15-May-14
Medibank Private IPO: no sure thing for investors  28-Mar-14
Private insurance reliance means countries pay more for health care 20-Mar-14
Audit Commission should consider revenues, hearing told (part) 05-Feb-14
SPC Ardmona decision is fiscal policy disguised as industry policy 31-Jan-14
Audit Commission’s secrecy and haste makes for bad policy  16-Jan-14
Privatisation: economic nous beats partisan stoush 08-Jan-14
Six reasons why Australia needs a single national health insurer 09-Dec-13
Don’t expect fast reform: Graeme Samuel (part) 20-Nov-13
The Commission of Audit’s first job should be to kill itself off 04-Nov-13
FactCheck: could private lifetime health cover changes cost $1000 more a year? (part) 14-Aug-13
Privatising Medibank: good business hamstrung by bad politics  23-Apr-13
Clear thinking needed on election health priorities 05-Feb-13
Moving beyond patchwork reform for dental health 24-Sep-12
Labor plugs the gap in dental health care  29-Aug-12
Means testing passes but do we even need health insurance? 22-Feb-12